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Coroplast Signs & Signage...

We are Denver's leading manufacturer of Coroplast signs and signage. We offer fast turn-around, affordable & completive pricing. Here at Denver Coroplast we can create anything Coroplast related just ask!



Coroplast is one of the most versatile products we carry when it comes to Signs, Many uses including Yard Signs, Political Signs, Parking Signs, Sidewalk Signs, Spinning Signs, Indoor and Outdoor Signs, & many More. Coroplast is a great product and businesses use it in many different applications. Coroplast is available in 4mm (4mil) and 10mm (10mil) Thicknesses. This Twin-wall Material is available in sizes up to 4ft x 8ft with the flutes or corrugated grooves going both horizontal and vertical.

Coroplast plastic is 100% recyclable. We encourage the recycling of Coroplast sheets. Due to the durability of Coroplast it can often be reused.




We Sell Coroplast Signs in many sizes. Some of our most popular sizes are

  • 12" x 18"
  • 18" x 24"
  • 24" x 36"

*note measurements above are in inches

Coroplast Is Available in many colors but may slow down production time if requested in a color we do not stock. White & Yellow are the Most Popular

There are many methods that can be used to create your Coroplast signage all of which we do.

Coroplast with Vinyl Decals or Lettering
It is very common for someone to ask for vinyl lettering or decals to be cut/plotted out and applied directly onto the Coroplast. Depending on how simple the artwork is this can save money, I would not recommend this type of application for complex artwork requirements. Vinyl is long lasting and has a unique look to it that some people prefer. There is no printing done with this method. Here at Denver Signs & Printing we have multiple Vinyl Cutters / Vinyl Plotters and can cut out vinyl as wide as 64inches.
For Indoor / Outdoor Use. Can be single or double sided. Sizes up to 8' x 4'

Coroplast with Full color Prints
This is the most common Coroplast Application we offer. When we print the Coroplast we are not limited to colors and the art can be as complex as you want. This is also a common way to go for short run quantities. The way this is accomplished is by printing the graphics on our wide-format presses onto White or Clear Calendar Vinyl Sometimes Referred to as Pressure Sensitive Vinyl (Basically a Big Sticker) and sticking it onto the Coroplast By Hand or with a process called mounting it. This is both outdoor/indoor rated and lasts about 3-5 years depending on conditions. These prints can also be Cold Laminated for additional cost to add extra life and preserve the prints.
For Indoor / Outdoor Use. Can be single or double sided. Sizes up to 8' x 4'

Screen Printed Coroplast
Do you need more than 25 signs created? Is the artwork relatively simple and can be accomplished with few colors? Then screen printed Coroplast signs may be the way to go. Screen printing Coroplast is Common and very few Print Shops in Denver Can do it. For Screen Printing to be done we need to first create a screen for each color on the sign this is called the setup and carries a setup charge per color. But after we get pass that the screen printing gets cheaper the larger the quantity. This is both outdoor/indoor rated.
For Indoor / Outdoor Use. Can be single or double sided. Sizes up to 8' x 4'

Coroplast Stakes
We sell Coroplast Stakes.  There are 2 Different stakes we carry: the popular and most common H-Frame Coroplast Stake and Second the durable U-Top Heavy Duty Coroplast Stake.



H-Frame Coroplast Stake Coroplast stand 30"

h-double rod step stake

U-Top is made from 9 gauge galvanized wire (0.148")

& heavy duty base is made from 1/4" gauge galvanized wire


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