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Zombie Staff Photos

Someone found a dead cat in the alley way and thought it'd be REALLY funny to throw it at a co-worker. Turned out it had the fear.



Ever the dedicated compatriot, Eean stays on task even after having what appears to be a pretty tough day at the office.


Zombie James trying REALLY hard to make sense of a work order. He really kills it in production.

We hope someone is eaten alive for making that pun.



With the effects of the zombification now taking full effect, Daniel is realizing that managing a company becomes a bloody challenge when the internet presents more appealing veiwing options.




Nate struggles to stay focused but keeps trying because he knows that successful marketing could translate into more tasty flesh.  natewilliams  
jose Jose wastes no time getting to the meat of things.





Lance: typically unperturbed. Having his face eaten off is slightly less disconcerting than being late on a customer job.


The Aftermath


Zombie organization at its finest.


Until lunch time...

dan alecia eat


Keep Calm and Kill Zombies

Taking a step back into the world of the living...

Meet Mythica. 

She is the talented makeup artist who helped make this grousome day possible.


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